John Demny Private Investigations

John Demny Private Investigations is located in McKinney Texas, just north of Dallas and is a full-service private investigative agency providing a wide variety of professional and confidential investigative services to attorneys, corporations, small businesses, governmental agencies, insurance companies and private citizens.

John Demny is a retired Senior Criminal Investigator from Riverside County, California. John has conducted literally hundreds of complex criminal investigations ranging from misdemeanor crimes up to and including homicide investigations.

After retiring, John moved to Texas where he met the strict requirements to apply for a Texas Private Investigators License. John successfully passed the Private Investigators exam which is administered by the Texas Private Security Bureau.

John Demny is fully licensed as a Texas Private Investigator and has the required insurance mandated by the Texas Private Security Bureau to legally operate as an owner/manager of a private investigative agency. This insurance is in place to protect his clients and his agency.

John Demny has built his reputation on providing clients with the most professional service available, including up to date information, outstanding interview skills, and irrefutable evidence where necessary to prove your case. John Demny provides excellent reports and support documents relevant to your investigation. John Demny Private Investigations utilizes databases and resources available only to licensed/insured private investigators and law enforcement.

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